Learn Simple Arabic No.3: Greetings 2

Traditional Arabic Script 

Hany: اهلا وسهلا يا اميرة
Amira: اهلا وسهلا يا هاني.ازيك؟
Hany كويس الحمدالله ,وانتي؟
Amira: كويسة الحمدالله.شكرأ

English Arabic Script

Hany: Ahlan wa sahlan ya Amira
Amira: Ahlan wa sahlan ya Hany, izzayak?
Hany: Kuwayyis il 7amdulillah, wa inti?
Amira: Kuwayyisa il 7amdulillah. Shukran.

English Translation

Hany: Hello, Amira!
Amira: Hello, Hany! How are you?
Hany: Good! Thanks to God. And you?
Amira: Good thanks to God. Thanks


sumber: rocketlanguages.com

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