Learn Simple Arabic No.5: Basic Introduction

Arabic script 

Amira: اهلا وسهلا!!
Hany: !! اهلا وسهلا
Amira: انت اسمك اية؟
Hany: انا اسمي هاني,وانتي اسمك اية؟
Amira: انا اسمي اميرة, انت منين؟
Hany: انا من امريكا وانتي منين؟?
Amira: انا من القاهرة . فرصة سعيدة
Hany: انا اسعد!!

Arabic English script 

Amira: Ahlan wa sahlan!!
Hany: Ahlan wa sahlan
Amira: Inta ismak ey?
Hany: Ana ismi Hany. Wa inti ismik ey?
Amira: Ana ismi Amira. Inta mineen?
Hany: Ana min Amrica. Wa inti mineen?
Amira: Ana min il Qahira, fursa sa3ida.
Hany: Ana as3ad!!

English Translation

Amira: Hello!

Hany: Hello!

Amira: What’s your name?

Hany: My name is Hany, and you?

Amira: I’m Maria. Where are you from?

Hany: I’m from America, and you?

Amira: I’m from Cairo. Pleased to meet you!

Hany: Pleased to meet you too!


sumber: rocketlanguages.com

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3 Responses to Learn Simple Arabic No.5: Basic Introduction

  1. Assalamu Alaikum Kaifa Khalukum Ya Syek

  2. wa’alaikumsalam…alhamdulillah khoir ya syekh….ya akhuy…

  3. Hi there, constantly i used to check blog posts here in the early
    hours in the dawn, since i like to gain knowledge of
    more and more.

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