Indonesia from Qatari eyes


By Ross Jackson/Staff Reporter

The Qatar Photographic Society (QPS), in co-operation with the Indonesian embassy, yesterday opened an exhibition featuring the work of some of its members who took part in a cultural trip to Indonesia, capturing the essence of the country’s breathtaking landscape and rich heritage.

In September 2010 around 10 photographers from QPS, including Qataris, Indonesians and other nationalities, travelled to Jakarta, West and East Java, Yogyakarta and Bali. With the help of local guides and Indonesian photographers they explored the hugely diverse country, photographing natural wonders, local people and wildlife.

Ali al-Mansouri was so inspired by the work of one Indonesian photographer that he decided to join the QPS expedition and travel to the country in order to learn the craft directly from him. He saw in the country a trove of natural and cultural wonders, and did his best to capture their beauty, resulting in some stunning photographs.

The exhibition was opened with a ribbon-cutting and the ringing of a traditional Balinese gong by HE Hamad bin Abdulaziz al-Kuwari, Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage.

Speaking to Gulf Times, he said: “This is a very important exhibition because it covers photography, but it is a joint effort between the Qataris and Indonesians. We can say it is Indonesia from Qatari eyes, because some Qataris were there, they lived there for some time, they saw the beauty of Indonesia, and this kind of reflection, this kind of view reflects itself in this exhibition.
“In general we try our best to give young Qataris the opportunity to interact with different cultures. Indonesia – maybe geographically – is far, but historically, religiously, it is very close to Qatar, so we do our best to have contacts with our Indonesian friends, not only in photography, but in every aspect of culture.”
Photographers whose work is currently being exhibited are: Mohamed al-Khater, Uus Gamilar, Khalid Fikri, Hamad al-Naemi, Abdulrahman Obeidan, Helminadia Ranford, Ali al-Mansouri, Anmar Faris and Faisal Kandrani.
The exhibition will be open to the public until September 27 from 9am to 9pm at the Qatar Photographic Society in Katara Cultural Village.

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