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Aula and Chen inaugurating the Indonesian Food Promotion | foto by

Aula and Chen inaugurating the Indonesian Food Promotion By Ayman Adly/Staff Reporter

The Indonesian embassy in collaboration with the Holiday Villa Hotel is holding an Indonesian Food Promotion this month.

The promotion was launched by the embassy’s Third Secretary Mohamed al-Aula and Holiday Villa Hotel general manager Joey Chen.

Aula said the promotion, on Thursdays and Fridays during January, aims at introducing the wide variety of Indonesian cuisine to people in Qatar. The promotion is also intended to provide a wider cultural understanding about Indonesia.

“With its 17,504 islands and more than 300 different ethnic groups, Indonesia has so many unique things to offer which have not yet been explored by the residents of Qatar,” said Aula.

“As the most populous Muslim country in the world, Indonesia offers a great range of culinary experiences, some of them rich with spices, which have so many things in common with the Middle Eastern food, as well as lighter food that suits the taste of all,” he said.

“Through such events, the Indonesian embassy is inviting more people to have a closer look at Indonesia as well as inviting those who have not managed to visit it to see the country as an alternative destination.”

The opening of the promotion featured a wide variety of Indonesian dishes.
The embassy decorated the restaurant with examples of the country’s traditional art forms such as wood sculpture, while traditional musical instruments gave visitors a sense of Indonesian culture.
Visitors were also given books and brochures on Indonesia’s cultural heritage.
“In a wider perspective, the event is also intended to be an effort to maintain and increase the bilateral relations between Qatar and Indonesia,” said Aula.

source: Gulf-Times

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