Qatar Charity Inaugurates Housing Project in Indonesia




A family in front of their new home built by Qatar Charity in West Sumatra, Indonesia

Qatar Charity (QC) has inaugurated a large residential project to house the victims of the 2009 Sumatra earthquake in Indonesia, at a cost exceeding QR2mn, “in the hope of achieving sustainable development for poor communities”.
The Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs, Assayed Moukil, inaugurated the residential project and a mosque for the victims of the earthquake at a ceremony attended by a delegation from QC. The delegation placed the foundation stone for the construction of another mosque and signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indonesian Ministry of Health to build a health clinic.
The opening ceremony was attended by Ibrahim Zainal, QC director of follow-up, Andy Zine el-Abidine, Deputy Governor of West Sumatra province, Abdul Ghaffar, Vice-Governor of Padang, as well as Hassan Ozkor, director of QC office in Indonesia.
Moukil commended QC’s efforts and contributions such as relief projects, as well as charitable and humanitarian acts.
Zainal explained that QC launched its relief project in Sumatra immediately after the earthquake hit the region more than two years ago. Prior to that, QC provided emergency aid, such as food and non-food items, in addition to water and sanitation, through the provision of fully equipped wells. Moreover, QC provided housing for those affected by the disaster of the devastating earthquake.
Zainal added: “The residential project, built in Badan Bariaman located in the province of West Sumatra, is one of the leading quality projects built by QC in this region. This is due to the fact that the project enjoys more technical and engineering specifications on the one hand, and the scarcity of similar projects implemented by other international organisations in the region on the other hand.”
The project included 70 housing units which can accommodate 70 families affected by the earthquake in Sumatra. Each housing unit consists of two rooms, a hall and health facilities on an area of 45 square metres. The housing units are permanent houses built with iron and cement, and take earthquake resistance into account. He explained that the project was fully implemented under the supervision of a QC engineering team in Indonesia.
Zainal added that QC delegation reviewed the lists of families affected by the earthquake, in collaboration with community leaders and local authorities in Sumatra. He stressed that the housing units were delivered to the beneficiary families. The QC delegation supervised the process of the families’ movement from temporary shelters to the new housing units.
Zainal also said that the QC delegation inaugurated Nur Al-Yaqin Mosque in the city of Padang, province of West Sumatra. He added that the mosque consists of one floor and is equipped with health facilities and place for wudu.
Zainal stated that QC signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Health to build a health clinic in the city of Padang, on an area of 400 square metres, consisting of two floors, and equipped with health facilities. He also pointed out that QC has placed a foundation stone of Al-Mujahideen Mosque on an area of 300 square metres.

source: Gulf Times

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