QP Opens New Facilities at Dukhan

Al-Sada with QP officials and trainees

By Ayman Adly
Staff Reporter

Though it has been more than 70 years since operations began at Dukhan Qatar Petroleum (QP), the facility enjoys a perpetual vitality and modernity, said HE the Minister of Energy and Industry Dr Mohamed bin Saleh al-Sada yesterday.
He was speaking after inaugurating  some facilities at QP Administrative Area and QP Support Facilities Area  at Dukhan. These included the Dukhan Learning Centre (DLC) and Filed Development Geology Laboratory and Core Store as well as  more staff housing facilities. He also laid the foundation stone of Dukhan Community Centre.
“Dukhan is not only a petroleum and industrial area, it is a residential area that has all the potentialities of modern cities. It has even excelled in this respect,” he stressed.
He explained that QP had invested considerably in the buildings and equipment of the area and the process was going on.

Al-Sada inaugurating the Dukhan Learning Centre

“Dukhan has attracted a considerable number of Qataris to live and work there over the years. Actually the town is considered one of the best in terms of education, sports and recreation facilities, and work conditions as well. The young generation of Qataris now eyes the place as an attractive destination,” the minister said.
The DLC will  become a hub for learning and training for QP employees, all local companies working in the field and other trainees and students. The centre incorporates highly sophisticated facilities for academic and practical technical training using modern simulators.
“We are proud of DLC because it consolidates the academic skills while providing practical on the job training,” said al-Sada.
He also hoped that the Dukhan Community Centre project would sustain and enhance social life in the area. “We have been keen to use high technology to lessen the need of movement and travel outside Dukhan. This would make communication easier and faster, and save us the trouble and expenses of unnecessary travel. In the meantime, productivity would increase as employees would be more focused,” he explained.
He pointed out that QP was  at a very advanced stage of geological studies. A comprehensive plan in this respect was devised a few years ago and the fully fledged plan would start soon.
Al-Sada affirmed that QP was committed to the development of Dukhan and making its facilities accessible for all public employees in the area. Further, it has made  investments in upgrading the roads and services networks and beautifying the area.
Ahmed Saif al-Sulaiti, Operation Manager of Dukhan Fields and other senior QP officials were also present at the briefing.
India important market for Qatari LNG
HE the Minister of Energy and Industry Dr Mohamed bin Saleh al-Sada said yesterday in Dukhan that India was an important market for Qatari LNG.
He indicated that there had been negotiations with some Indian firms to increase  LNG exports to that country.
He also told reporters that QP was committed to produce and export oil for world markets in a highly efficient manner. “However, there are various geopolitical factors that control the market in addition to speculation on prices, which are usually out of our control.”

source: Gulf Times

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